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Eyeshield 21 Dressing Room

Home of the amefuto players, managers, cheerleaders, carbon copies and all

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An Eyeshield 21 Dressing Room.
The Eyeshield 21 Dressing Room

So here's the run down- like with all other dressing rooms, this is basically the one RP where you can test drive your muses, play out plots you wouldn't be able to do so otherwise and generally crack it up with countless versions of the same character. It's all about what you want to play and see, so go for it!

Rules are as follow:

1) IC=/=OOC
In other words? Don't drag IC stuff into OOC stuff and vice versa.

2) Try to stay IC when playing. If you're playing an AU verse character or a OOC!character on purpose, stick to it, just as if you're playing a character from the canon verse, stay IC when doing it.

3) BE NICE. This is a dressing room and therefore, it's meant for shits and giggles. Don't bring wank and drama into this game.

4) On Alternates-- as it is a dressing room, you WILL have AU versions or versions with another RP's history etc etc. Multiples or having more than one of the same character is to be expected, too.

5) Remember to put in the character name (last name then first name, i.e. Kobayakawa Sena) as the tag when doing a post, no matter the version of that character. It makes things much more organized, thus easier to the eyes. Plus it makes locating characters way easier.

6) Post in proper English (with proper grammar, spelling, and all that jazz. Mangled English will only be excused if your character really does talk like that). If you want to post in another language, include a translation.

7) No OCs or characters from other series. It's named eyeshield21dr (dressing room) for a reason.

8) Have enough discretion to know what to put under cuts- this include contents that are for mature audiences, too gory/violent posts, etc.

9) No metagaming. OOC knowledge=/= IC knowledge

10) There IS no plot. It's a crack community for a reason. If you want to make up your own plots*, fine, but don't expect anything aside from little games from the maintainers.

*Everyone is allowed to start mini-plots (something that doesn't hugely affect the dr) and memes without notifying the mods. In the case that you do overstep your bounds, you'll be notified... but that's pretty unlikely (that you do something that would require the mods to contact you, that is- we do trust you people~)

11) Other questions can be directed to the maintainers, kiwipunch and gellychan. Or you could also check this post out (it contains a few more detailed explanations of the above stated rules).

12) Have fun ♥

13) Feel free to join es21dr_ooc in order to mess around + make mini plots with the muns oocly.

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