Youichi Hiruma (hellcommander) wrote in eyeshield21dr,
Youichi Hiruma

The Last Days of Summer

The Twilight Zone has been super quiet. Some of the poor souls trapped here had managed to escape back to their respective worlds (or respective roleplays). But now, they will find themselves inexplicably drawn back.

And to what?

Well, to an end-of-summer celebration. The Twilight Zone has turned into a beach resort. The water is clear and blue and the sand is white. It's also completely deserted except for a few food vendors; not another vacationer on the beach.

On one stretch of the beach, the waves are huge and crash into the shore with all their strength. The wind blows and gusts, keeping the heat down. This area is perfect for surfing and windsurfing. Indeed, there's boards and sails of all shapes and sizes stuck in the sand, ready to hit the waves.

Just down the beach, the waves are much calmer, due to a reef about 200 yards out. The water is shallow and clear. This area is for the slightly less adventurous, or those who just want to bask or snorkel. Equipment for SCUBA diving, snorkeling and just relaxing are located in a little shop nestled into the dunes. And it's all for free.

And for those who would actually like to play football? An area of the beach has been roped off for beach football. There's also another, smaller "court" with a net through the middle for volleyball.

But watch out, there are a few jellyfish in the water! The sun is hot and bright, so be sure to wear sunscreen. Some say they even saw a shark out there...

Enjoy your Labor Day holiday, Twilight Zonies!

[[ooc: ok so this isn't a mod approved scene change, but it's only for this weekend and we haven't had any activity in a month of sundays and aklshdkjhaskjdad ;;]]
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