Anezaki Mamori (creampuff_otaku) wrote in eyeshield21dr,
Anezaki Mamori

[all is going well in the dressing room- until well, all the lights go out, leaving the DR in pitch black darkness, without a single speck of light to be seen]

[a muffled voice can be heard]
---what happened to all the lights?

[thud, crash] Oh, no---

[ooc: Okay, so I basically ganked this idea from the RP anon meme. Everyone posts under anon ICLY running around trying to figure out where they are and who they're talking too(aka using journal names or any terms they've used to dub the alternates--chibi Hiruma, Bat!Hiruma, that sort of thing). And yes, trying to mindfuck everyone into thinking you're someone else(i.e Hiruma could pretend to be Mamori and scare all the little Senas) is perfectly acceptable- however, it must be IC in the way you do it. This little game is just for this post xD SO GO CRAZY ANYONE. and uh, any questions, just ask in the ooc community.]
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